Hariswaran Sitaraman

Hariswaran Sitaraman


(303) 275-3171

Dr. Hariswaran Sitaraman is a staff scientist at the Computational Science Center.
His research interests are in the areas of reacting flow computational fluid dynamics (CFD), numerical methods and in development of parallel scalable CFD solvers on upcoming high performance computing (HPC) architectures. His PhD work involved development of scalable solvers for non-equilibrium and magnetized plasma flows. His current projects include multiphase reacting flow CFD pertaining to biomass conversion processes, algorithm development and optimizations for continuum-lagrangian solvers pertaining to combustion and particulate flows.


  • 2008 B. Tech, Aerospace Engineering, IIT Madras, Chennai, India

  • 2010 M.S., Aerospace Engineering, UT, Austin

  • 2013 Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, UT, Austin

Selected Publications 

  1. Sitaraman, H. and Grout, R. (2016). "Balancing conflicting requirements for grid and particle decomposition in continuum-Lagrangian solvers." Parallel Computing Journal (52); pp. 1-21.
  2. Sitaraman, H., Kuhn, E., Nag, A., Sprague, M., Tucker, M., Stickel, J. (2015). "Multiphysics modeling and simulation of high-solids dilute-acid pretreatment of corn stover in a steam-explosion reactor." Chemical Engineering Journal (268); pp. 47-59.
  3. Sitaraman, H. and Raja, L.L. (2014). "Magneto-hydrodynamics simulation study of deflagration mode in co-axial plasma accelerators." Sitaraman, H. and Raja, L.L (21:012104);
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  5. Sitaraman, H. and Raja, L.L. (2012). "Simulation Studies of RF Excited Microcavity Discharges for Micro-propulsion Applications." J. Phys. D. (45:18);
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