Ambarish Nag

Ambarish Nag

Scientist III

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(303) 275-3754

Ambarish Nag joined the NREL Computational Science Center in 2009.

Professional Experience

  • 2012–present, scientist III, NREL
  • 2010–2012, research associate, NREL
  • 2009-2010, postdoctoral researcher, NREL
  • 2006-2009, postdoctoral researcher, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM.

Research Interests 

  • Analysis and integration of high-throughput "omics" data
  • Mining and analysis of SNPs from genome re-sequencing data
  • Reconstruction of metabolic networks in algae and plants from annotated genome using Pathway Tools
  • RNA-Seq data analysis
  • Development and simulation of models of metabolic networks in green algae and plants
  • Computational biochemistry and enzyme kinetics
  • Chemical process modeling
  • Theoretical immunology
  • Mathematical biology


  • 2006 Ph.D., Computational Chemistry, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

  • 2001 M.S., Chemistry, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

  • 2000 M.S., (2-Year) Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

  • 1998 B.S., (Honors) Chemistry, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India.

Selected Publications 

  1. Lunacek, M.; Nag, A.; Alber, D.M.; Gruchalla, K.; Chang, C.H.; Graf, P.A. (2011). "Simulation, Characterization, and Optimization of Metabolic Models with the High-performance Systems Biology Toolkit." SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (33:6); pp. 3402-3424.
  2. Guarnieri, M.; Nag, A.; Smolinski, S.; Darzins, A.; Seibert, M.; Pienkos, P. (2011). "Examination of Triacylglycerol Biosynthetic Pathways via De Novo Transcriptomic and Proteomic Analyses in an Unsequenced Microalga." PLoS One (6:10);
  3. Nag, A.; Monine, M.I.; Faeder, J.R.; Goldstein, B. (2009). "Aggregation of Membrane Proteins by Cytosolic Cross-linkers: Theory and Simulation of the LAT-Grb2-SOS1 System." Biophys. J. (96:7); pp. 2604-2623.
  4. Nag, A.; Monine, M.; Perelson, A.S.; Goldstein B. (2012). "Modeling and simulation of aggregation of membrane protein LAT with molecular variability in the number of binding sites for cytosolic Grb2-SOS1-Grb2." PLoS One (7:3);
  5. Nag, A.; Monine, M.I.; Blinov, M.L.; Goldstein, B. (2010). "A Detailed Mathematical Model Predicts That Serial Engagement of IgE-FcεRI Complexes can Enhance Syk Activation in Mast Cells." J. Immunol. (185:6); pp. 3268-3276.