Wade Braunecker

Wade Braunecker

Research Scientist

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Dr. Braunecker received his doctorate in 2008 from Carnegie Mellon University after studying living radical polymerization systems with Dr. Krzystof Matyjaszewski. Braunecker's thesis specifically focused on the development of copper catalysts for controlling the synthesis of polymeric architectures, functionalities, and compositions. He then worked for a year and a half in the group of Dr. Josef Michl at the University of Colorado studying the radical polymerization of α-olefins.

In 2010, he joined NREL as a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. David Ginley's group, where he designed and synthesized conjugated "push-pull" copolymers for a number of systematic studies in the field of organic photovoltaics (OPV). He became a staff scientist in 2012. While continuing to work in OPV, he also designs and synthesizes polymers with pendent nitroxide radical groups for various charge transport studies with ultimate application in organic radical batteries.

Selected Publications 

  1. Braunecker, W. A., Oosterhout, S. D., Owczarczyk, Z. R., Kopidakis, N., Ratcliff, E. L., Ginley, D. S., Olson, D. C. (2014). "Semi-random vs. Well-Defined Alternating Donor−Acceptor Copolymers." ACS Macro Lett. (3); pp. 622-627.
  2. Braunecker, W. A., Oosterhout, S. D., Owczarczyk, Z. R., Larsen, R. E., Kopidakis, N., Ginley, D. S., Larson, B. W., Boltalina, (2013). "Ethynylene-Linked Donor-Acceptor Alternating Copolymers." Macromolecules (46); pp. 3367-3375.
  3. Braunecker, W. A., Owczarczyk, Z., Garcia, A., Kopidakis, N., Larsen, R. E., Hammond, S. R., Ginley, D. S., Olson, D. C. (2012). "Benzodithiophene and Imide-Based Copolymers for Photovoltaic Applications." Chem. Mater. (24); pp. 1346-1356.
  4. Braunecker, W. A., Akdag, A., Boon, B. A., Michl, J. (2011). "Highly Branched Polypropylene via Li+-Catalyzed Radical Polymerization." Macromolecules (44); pp. 1229-1232.
  5. Braunecker, W. A., Tsarevsky, N. V., Gennaro, A., Matyjaszewski, K. (2009). "Thermodynamic Components of the Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Equilibrium: Quantifying Solvent Effects." Macromolecules (42); pp. 6348-6360.
  6. Braunecker, W. A., Brown, W. C., Morelli, B. C., Tang, W., Poli, R., Matyjaszewski, K. (2007). "On the Origin of Activity in Cu, Ru, and Os Mediated Radical Polymerization." Macromolecules (40); pp. 8576-8585.
  7. Braunecker, W. A., Tsarevsky, N. V., Pintauer, T., Gil, R. R., Matyjaszewski, K. (2005). "Quantifying Vinyl Monomer Coordination to CuI in Solution and the Effect of Coordination on Monomer Reactivity in Radical Copolymerization." Macromolecules (38); pp. 4081-4088.

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