Stephan Lany

Stephan Lany

Senior Scientist

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Stephan Lany is a theoretical/computational materials scientist with a strong background in electronic structure calculations, semiconductor physics, and defects/impurities. He received his Ph.D. in Physics in 2002 from the Universit├Ąt des Saarlandes, in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany, where he was engaged in both theoretical (first principles methods) and experimental (spectroscopy) research. He joined NREL in 2003 as a postdoctoral researcher in Alex Zunger's "Solid State Theory" group and became a NREL staff scientist in 2006. He has published more than 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals, including 15 articles in the high-profile journals Nature, Physics, Physical Review Letters, and Physical Review B: Rapid Communications. His work is cited more than 1,000 times, and he has an h-factor of 21.

Research Interests 

  • Electronic Structure Theory
  • Prediction of Electronic, Magnetic and Thermodynamic Materials Properties
  • Photovoltaic Materials
  • Semiconductor alloys
  • Defects in Semiconductors
  • Materials by Design

Selected Publications 

  1. Lany, S. (2011). "Predicting polaronic defect states by means of generalized Koopmans density functional calculations." Phys. Stat. Sol. (b) (248); p. 1052.
  2. Biswas, K. ; Lany, S. (2010). "The electronic consequences of multivalent elements in inorganic solar absorbers: Multivalency of Sn in Cu2ZnSnS4." Appl. Phys. Lett. (96); p. 201902.
  3. Landy, S. (2008). "Semiconductor thermochemistry in density functional calculations." Phys. Rev. B. (78); p. 245207.
  4. Raebiger, H.; Lany, S.; Zunger, A. (2008). "Charge self-regulation upon changing the oxidation state of transition metals in insulators." Nature (453); p. 763.
  5. Lany, S.; Zunger, A. (2007). "Dopability, Intrinsic Conductivity, and Nonstoichiometry of Transparent Conducting Oxides." Phys. Rev. Lett. (98); p. 45501.

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