Robert C. Tenent

Robert C. Tenent

Senior Scientist

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At NREL Since: 

Robert Tenent came to NREL in late 2007 after spending five years with ZettaCore, Inc., a venture-backed company focused on integrating electrochemical charge storage into memory devices. Dr. Tenent was the company's initial technical hire and successfully led several efforts that moved company technologies from academic laboratories into large-scale semiconductor fabrication facilities. While Dr. Tenent maintains solid industry/business relationships, he also has a strong interest in fundamental issues regarding new materials for improved electrochemical devices, in particular electrochromic windows and lithium ion batteries. At NREL, Dr. Tenent's research has focused on development of cost-effective, manufacturing friendly methods for the production of materials for both energy generation (PV) and efficiency (smart windows).

Robert Tenent received his Ph.D. in Chemistry with a specialization in Electrochemistry from Mississippi State University in 2000 under the direction of Dr. David Wipf. His doctoral work focused on modification and characterization of carbon electrode surfaces using electrochemical microscopy techniques. He then performed postdoctoral work at North Carolina State University prior to joining ZettaCore, Inc.

Research Interests 

  • New Materials Design and Integration for Electrochromic Devices and Li-ion Batteries
  • Gel/Solid Electrolyte Materials Development
  • Novel Materials for Energy Efficiency Applications
  • Electrochemical Probe Microscopy
  • Nanomaterials Characterization

Selected Publications 

  1. Tenent, R.C.; Gillaspie, D.T.; Miedaner, A. (2010). "Fast-Switching Electrochromic Li+-Doped NiO Films by Ultrasonic Spray Deposition." Journal of the Electrochemical Society (157(3); p. H318.
  2. Tenent, R.C., Barnes, T.M., Bergeson, J.D. (2009). "Ultrasmooth, Large-Area, High-Uniformity, Conductive Transparent Single-Walled-Carbon-Nanotube Films for Photovoltaics Produced by Ultrasonic Spraying." Advanced Materials (21(31); p. 3210.
  3. Tenent, R.C., Wipf, D.O. "Local Electron-Transfer Rate Measurements on Modified and Unmodified Glassy-Carbon Electrodes." Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry (13); pp. 583-590.
  4. Svedruzic, D., Blackburn, J.L., Tenent, R. C. (2011). "High-Performance Hydrogen Production and Oxidation Electrodes with Hydrogenase Supported on Metallic Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Networks." Journal of the American Chemical Society (133(12); p. 4299.
  5. Reilly, T.H. III, van de Lagemaat, J., Tenent, R.C. (2008). "Surface-plasmon enhanced transparent electrodes in organic photovoltaics." Applied Physics Letters (92); p. 243304.

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