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Lin Simpson

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Lin Simpson has a broad background in research, development, and program management. This includes extensive experience in nanotechnology, materials science, physics, and surface science. At NREL, he was the director of the Department of Energy's Hydrogen Sorption Center of Excellence and performs associated advanced materials development and testing. Previously, Dr. Simpson was the Manager of Advanced Programs at ITN Energy Systems, Inc., where he planned, implemented, and managed R&D activities to produce the next generation of enabling technologies for a broad range of commercial applications in technology areas that included: nanotechnology, nanomaterials, thin-film photovoltaics, thin-film processing, fuel cells, solid-state batteries, electrochromics, and advanced sensors. Dr. Simpson was also a Research Scientist in the Chemical Technology Division at Argonne National Laboratory, where he evaluated the structural and chemical integrity of materials and performed mechanistic investigations using electrochemical and optical techniques.


  • 1993 Ph.D., Condensed Matter Physics—Materials Science, Colorado School of Mines. Dissertation involved the study of nonlinear electromagnetic interactions in materials and buried interfaces.

  • 1988 M.S., Physics, Washington State University, 1988. Thesis: Measurement of the three photon absorption cross section and intrinsic optical breakdown of KI at 532 nm.

  • 1986 B.S., Engineering Physics, Colorado School of Mines. Thesis: Spatial filtering for pattern recognition.

Selected Publications 

  1. Dameron, A.A.; Miller, D.C.; George, N.; To, B.; Ginley, D.S.; Simpson, L. (2011). "Tensile strain and water vapor transport testing of flexible, conductive and transparent indium–zinc-oxide/silver/indium–zinc-oxide thin films." Thin Solid Films (519:10); pp. 3177-3184.
  2. Wang, H.; Wu, Z.; Plaseied, A.; Jenkins, P.; Simpson, L.; Engtrakul, C.; Ren, Z. (2011). "Carbon Nanotube Modified Air-cathodes for Electricity Production in Microbial Fuel Cells." Journal of Power Sources (196:18); pp. 7465-7469. Accessed August 01, 2012:
  3. Jin, Z.; Sun, Z.; Simpson, L.; O'Neill, K.J.; Parilla, P.A.; Li, Y.; Stadie, N.P.; Ahn, C.C.; Kittrell, C.; Tour, J.M. (2010). "Solution-Phase Synthesis of Heteroatom-Substituted Carbon Scaffolds for Hydrogen Storage." J. Am Chem. Soc. (132:43); pp. 15246-15251.
  4. Jin, Z.; Lu, W.; O'Neill, K.J.; Parilla, P.A.; Simpson, L.; Kittrell, C.; Tour, J.M. (2011). "Nano-Engineered Spacing in Graphene Sheets for Hydrogen Storage." Chem. Mater. (23:4); pp. 923-925.
  5. McNicholas, T.P.; Wang, A.; O'Neill, K.; Anderson, R.J.; Stadie, N.P.; Kleinhammes, A.; Parilla, P.; Simpson, L.; Ahn, C.C.; Wang, Y.; Wu, Y.; Liu, J. (2010). "H2 Storage in Microporous Carbons from PEEK Precursors." J. Phys. Chem. C (114:32); pp. 13902-13908.
  6. Zhao, Y.; Xu, Q.; Simpson, L.; Dillon, A.C. (2010). "Prediction of diamond-like, metallic boron structures." Chemical Physics Letters (496:4-6); pp. 280-283.
  7. "Hydrogen Sorption Center of Excellence Final Report," Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Fuel Cell Technologies Program, Lin Simpson, Director (2010).

  8. Simpson, L.J.; Melendres, C.A. (1996). "Temperature dependence of the surface enhanced raman spectroelectrochemistry of iron in aqueous solutions." Journal of Electrochimica Acta (41:10); pp. 1727-1730.
  9. Tang, Y.; Simpson, L.J.; Furtak, T.E. (1991). "Ag(111) surface reconstruction studied by optical second-harmonic generation." Phys. Rev. Lett. (67:20); pp. 2814-2817.

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