Haowei Peng

Haowei Peng

Postdoctoral Researcher

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(303) 384-6612
At NREL Since: 

Haowei Peng received his Ph.D. from the Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, in 2009. Following that, Dr. Peng moved to Northwestern University and Professor Arthur J. Freeman’s group for two years, working on thermoelectric materials and complicated oxides. Dr. Peng joined NREL as a postdoctoral researcher in June 2011, working on material design via first-principles calculations.

Research Interests 

  • Defects in semiconductors
  • Photovoltaic materials
  • Thermoelectric materials and transport properties

Selected Publications 

  1. Peng, Haowei; Song, Jung-Hwan; Hopper, E. Mitchell; Zhu, Qimin; Freeman, Arthur J. (2012). "Possible n-type carrier sources in In2O3(ZnO)k." Chemistry of Materials (24); p. 106.
  2. Peng, Haowei; Song, Jung-Hwan; Kanatzidis, M. G.; Freeman, Arthur J. (2011). "Electronic structure and transport properties of doped PbSe." Physical Review B (84); p. 125207.
  3. Peng, Haowei; Xiang, Hongjun; Wei, Su-Huai; Li, Shu-Shen; Xia, Jian-Bai; Li, Jingbo (2009). "Origin and enhancement of hole-induced ferromagnetism in first-row d0 semiconductors." Physical Review Letters (102); p. 17201.
  4. Peng, Haowei; Li. Jingbo; Li,Shu-Shen; Xia, Jian-Bai (2008). "First-principles study of rutile TiO2 quantum dots." Journal of Physical Chemistry C (112); p. 13964.
  5. Peng, Haowei; Li, Jingbo; Li, Shu-Shen; Xia, Jian-Bai (2008). "First-principles study of the electronic structures and magnetic properties of 3d transition metal-doped anatase TiO2." Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter (20); p. 125207.