Elisa Miller

Elisa Miller

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

(303) 384-6777

Dr. Elisa Miller received her bachelor's degree in chemistry from Boston University in 2005. During her undergraduate education, she worked in the lab of Amy S. Mullin, studying the chemical dynamics of high-energy, gas-phase molecules. Specifically, her research focused on the role of state density in collisional relaxations. In 2012, she earned her doctorate in chemistry and biochemistry from the University of Colorado, Boulder, under the supervision of W. Carl Lineberger. Her doctoral work focused on photoelectron spectroscopy of gas-phase anions and anionic clusters using velocity-map imaging of electrons. Miller directly probed the structure and dynamics of small molecules and anions, including IBr(CO2), ICN, and hydrocarbons. She joined NREL in 2013 as an NREL Director's Fellowship recipient, under the mentorship of Jao van de Lagemaat. Her project investigates the valence and conduction band energies and density of states of quantum dots (QDs) and other nanocrystalline materials using spectroscopic techniques. QDs have the potential to exceed the Shockley-Queisser limit; therefore, it is critical to understand which QD properties, such as size, shape, surface chemistry, and composition, affect the band energies of QDs. The main spectroscopic tools that she uses are photoelectron spectroscopy, inverse photoelectron spectroscopy, and scanning tunneling spectroscopy. These spectroscopic results will yield band alignment diagrams that will contribute to better energetic matching of materials and, therefore, more efficient devices.

Selected Publications 

  1. A. S. Case, E. M. Miller, J. P. Martin, Y.-J. Lu, L. Sheps, A. B. McCoy, W. C. Lineberger (2012). "Dynamic mapping of CN rotation following photoexcitation of ICN." Angewandte Chemie International Edition (51); p. 2651.
  2. E. M. Miller, L. Sheps, Y.-J. Lu, A. S. Case, A. B. McCoy, W. C. Lineberger (2012). "New view of the ICN A continuum using photoelectron spectroscopy of ICN–." Journal of Chemical Physics (136); p. 044313.
  3. L. Sheps, E. M. Miller, S. Horvath, M. A. Thompson, R. Parson, A. B. McCoy, and W. C. Lineberger (2010). "Solvent-mediated electron hopping: Long-range charge transfer in IBr–(CO2) Photodissociation." Science (328); p. 220.

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