Chunmei Ban

Chunmei Ban

Scientist III

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(303) 384-6504
At NREL Since: 

Chunmei Ban graduated from Tianjin University with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrochemistry, and from State University of New York at Binghamton with a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Dr. Ban joined NREL in 2008 and has focused her research on developing new materials for energy storage and conversion. She has extensive experience in synthesis of nanostructured materials, employing electrochemical analytic methods, et-situ/in-situ X-ray diffraction, and electron microscopy for the investigation of electrochemical properties and structure. Her current research is focused on the synthesis and analysis of nano-materials with desirable structures and morphologies as Li+ host materials, the fabrication of nano-architecture electrodes for electrochemical systems, and surface atomic modification of electrode materials for the improved performance.

Research Interests 

  • Design and fabricate new nanostructures as Li+ host materials
  • Study the surface chemistry of Li-ion electrode materials
  • Investigate the relationship between structure/morphology and electrochemical properties
  • Research on electrochemistry of Li-air batteries, Magnesium-ion batteries
  • Develop 3D cathode network with special morphologies and structure for Li-air batteries.

Selected Publications 

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