Chaiwat Engtrakul

Chaiwat Engtrakul

Senior Scientist

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(303) 384-6646
At NREL Since: 

Dr. Engtrakul earned his doctorate in inorganic/materials chemistry in 2003 from the University of Maryland, College Park, while studying the conduction physics of single molecules in the laboratory of Professor Lawrence Sita. After graduating he began working at NREL as a postdoctoral researcher in the Nanostructured Materials Group with Dr. Michael Heben to develop new carbon nanotube-based materials for application in renewable energy technologies. During his three-year position his work included the synthesis, purification, and structural characterization of carbon nanotube-based materials. His interest in the physicochemical properties of carbon single-walled nanotubes helped establish solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy as a powerful tool in the structural, chemical, and electronic characterization of carbon nanotubes and nanotube-based materials at NREL. Currently he is conducting research on the deposition and characterization of new thin-film electrochromic transition metal oxides. In addition, he is investigating the production and processing of advanced biofuels in collaboration with researchers in the NREL National Bioenergy Center. His research interests include new materials for improving electrochromic and energy storage applications; synthesis, purification, and characterization of nanostructured materials; and electrochemical and physicochemical properties of nanoscale systems.


"Ternary Nickel Oxide Materials for Electrochromic Devices." U.S. Patent (No. US20140043666 A1).

Research Interests 

  • New materials for improving electrochromic and energy storage applications
  • Synthesis, purification, and characterization of nanostructured materials
  • Electrochemical and physicochemical properties of nanoscale systems.

Selected Publications 

  1. Lin, F.; Bult, J.B.; Nanayakkara, S.; Dillon, A.C.; Richards, R.M.; Blackburn, J.L.; Engtrakul, C. (2015). "Graphene as an Efficient Interfacial Layer for Electrochromic Devices." ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (7:21); pp. 11330-11336.
  2. Lin, F.; Nordlund, D.; Weng, T.-C. ; Moore, R.G.; Gillaspie, D.T.; Jones, K.M.; Dillon, A.C.; Richards, R.M.; Engtrakul, C. (2015). "Solid-State Conversion Reaction to Enhance Charge Transfer in Electrochromic Materials." Adv. Mater. Interfaces (2:6); p. 1400523.
  3. F. Lin, M. Montano, C. Tian, Y. Ji, D. Nordlund, T.-C. Weng, R.G. Moore , D.T. Gillaspie, K. M. Jones, A.C. Dillon, R.M. Richard (2014). "Electrochromic Performance of Nanocomposite Nickel Oxide Counter Electrodes Containing Lithium and Zirconium." Sol. Energ. Mat. Sol. C. (126); pp. 206-212.
  4. F. Lin, D. Nordlund, T.-C. Weng, D. Sokaras, K.M. Jones, R.B. Reed, D.T. Gillaspie, D.G.J. Weir, R.G. Moore, A.C. Dillon, R.M. R (2013). "Origin of Electrochromism in High-Performing Nanocomposite Nickel Oxide." ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (5); pp. 3643-3649.
  5. Engtrakul, C.; Irurzun, M. V.; Gjersing, L. E.; Holt, M. J.; Larsen, A. B.; Resasco, E. D.; Blackburn, L. J. (2012). "Unraveling the 13C NMR Chemical Shifts in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Dependence on Diameter and Electronic Structure." J. Am. Chem. Soc. (134); pp. 4850-4856.

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