Chemistry and Nanoscience

The Chemistry and Nanoscience Center investigates materials and processes for converting sunlight into chemical and electrical energy and conducts theoretical studies and fundamental experimental research on optoelectronic materials. The center is led by Director Jao van de Lagemaat.

The center conducts its research within the following three groups. For staff profiles, publications, and contact information, see the Chemistry and Nanoscience Staff page.

Molecular and Catalysis Science. This group, headed by Nathan Neale, helps to provide the nation with clean sources of energy by studying and developing novel and efficient ways to convert the energy in sunlight into chemical energy (such as hydrogen) and light-generated electricity.

Electrochemical Engineering and Materials Chemistry. The research of this group, headed by Bryan Pivovar, provides a knowledge base in materials science covering fundamental issues that impact photovoltaics, electrochromic ("smart") windows, high-temperature superconductors, hydrogen storage, and solid-state batteries. For more information, see the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Research website.

Spectroscopy and Photoscience. This group is headed by Jeffrey Blackburn.

The center is within the Materials and Chemical Science and Technology directorate is led by Associate Laboratory Director Bill Tumas, and comprises the Chemical and Material Sciences Center and the National Center for Photovoltaics.